Date:- November 7 2019 Location:- New Delhi Some of the severe heart diseases cannot be treated by any medical or surgical procedures; in such conditions, heart transplant surgery becomes the only option for the survival of those patients. Heart transplant surgery in India is a life-saving surgical procedure that can add years to the patient’s life. Successful heart transplantation even can improve patients’ quality of life by reducing medication dependency.

Being one of the vital and complicated organ transplantation, the pre-operative procedure for heart transplant surgery is a crucial step and has immense importance. The cardiac surgeons first evaluate the donor’s heart and approve that the heart is fit for transplantation in the recipient’s body. Then the approved donor’s heart is extracted, carefully, and makes it available for transplant. An excised heart needs to be transplanted 4 – 6 hours of extraction. In the meantime, the recipient has screened all the necessary diagnostic tests. On being approved for transplant, the patient is kept on immunosuppressive drugs to reduce the risk of rejection of the heart. Then the surgeons conduct the heart transplant procedure; the transplantation surgery requires about 4 – 6hours. This surgery needs to done under general anesthesia.

What are the benefits?

For terminal heart patients, heart transplantation is a very beneficial option. The first and foremost advantage of heart transplant surgery is that successful transplantation is a life-saving procedure. It can add years to the patient’s life and improve the quality of life by reducing medicine dependency. Post-surgery, the recipient becomes more active and functional.

Recently, India has become a medical tourism destination offering exclusive heart transplant surgery in India to patients around the globe. And one of the prime reasons behind this is the affordable cost of heart transplant surgery in India. Apart from that, the country also has many well-equipped hospitals with best in class facilities and infrastructure to provide excellent heart treatment and transplant facilities to their patients. In India, every patient is treated with equal care and efficiency.

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