Frankfurt, Germany: The British Journal of Opthalmology urges: “Ophthalmologists should consider the causes of myopia and not simply treat its consequences.”

But what are the causes of myopia? This is the question that one has a difficult time finding the answer for, at any of the hundreds of thousands of optometrists across the country. The only answer one gets at most of these places, is: “You need glasses.”

Glasses, that are incidentally a highly profitable, multi-billion dollar a year industry.

To help stem the tide of one-sided advice and profit motivated myopia treatments, Alex Frauenfeld of the Frauenfeld Clinic offers a well-document alternative: myopia rehabilitation, to treat the symptom, rather than its consequences.

“What I advocate is not without controversy”, Alex says. “To judge the merits of this method, you have to try it, at least for a short period of time. This shouldn’t cost you money. And better yet, if it works for you (and it should), you can continue to work on improving your eyesight.” The Frauenfeld Clinic Website is home to a vast library of eyesight health articles, links to major studies, and a forum with thousands of posts discussing myopia rehabilitation. Alex writes every article himself, and can be found on the forum several times a week, answering myopia related questions.

It’s a good message and for those motivated to try something new, this provides a very low key method to test Alex claims – and hopefully find improvement in their own vision as well. For more about Alex Frauenfeld and the Frauenfeld Clinic, please visit

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