London 2013: it’s not usual that the purpose of a record label being created is to raise funds for charity, but that is exactly what has happened with Galaxy Stars Records

We recently started collaborating with the record label in Estonia somewhere around the Ukraine called Galaxy Stars Records and while working on the marketing piece for one of their main acts Julie Chevardier, we could not help but notice how beautiful she was but also truly talented. 

We also found out about the charitable work that the label does which is raising funds for children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CCP). However, the main target of the company is the creation of an Academy of Arts and rehabilitation centre. (Amazing) 

So we here are Best Music Video Promotion decided that we could continue working with Galaxy Star Record and support them in any which way possible and embarked on another marketing piece with one of the other acts MP3 Guys. 

Why the group is called MP3 Guys we don’t know exactly, but again we were astonished by the talent and professionalism of the group. It’s not long before the world will see and hear about these two acts both Julia Chevardier and MP3 Guys

The second group we are told consist of Arturro, Serge and Evhen, lads that grew up listening to acts such as Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, East 17 and others, and watching their latest video Baby, Too Late you can see the influence that those acts has had in shaping and developing their style which is truly a breath of fresh air. 

If you feel the urge to get more information about Galaxy Stars Records, or to learn more about their work on producing and managing these artists including the charity aspect of their business 

About Jim Mcafer: 

Jim is a freelance writer for indie and underground music, based in Germany and is currently guest blogging for a new start up international music video Promotion Company.