08, August 2016: There are many cases when Airwheel e-bike riders need to travel at night. To ride safely at night, there are some tips worth the attention of riding enthusiasts.

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Airwheel electric bike E6, featuring portability and environmental protection, has been given preference among white-color workers. There are lots of cases when Airwheel e-bike is put into use for the busy daily commuters, like coming off night shift, or relaxing riding after dinner. Here are some tips about a safe night ride with Airwheel electric bicycle.


The white-collars have faster working pace. Even at night, they have to work overtime. Airwheel electric bike motor E6 can play a major role, particularly when buses and subways are suspended at night. It has very mini stature, weighing only around 14 kg, allowing users to fully fold and lift it into offices. Before getting the vehicle onto the main road, it is necessary for users to check the fault diagnosis function on the app customized for E6 folding e bike. For a safe riding at night, the helmet is a requisite. Airwheel Technology has produced a smart helmet C5 which can be used along with E6. The intelligent gadget realizes comprehensive protection for its rider. It is integrated with a camera and can record everything on the road at night. The helmet also supports music playing and answering phone calls through Bluetooth. For a relaxation night ride, it is icing on the cake.


In the second place, it is also imperative to turn on the light at night. Airwheel electric bike kit E6 is equipped with a LED headlight. During night trip, the road conditions are much more complicated. Watch out for the road conditions and look ahead for unexpected incidents. Even when there are very few vehicles running at night, obeying the traffic rule is a must. Airwheel electric bicycle, as a non-motor vehicle, should run on the non-motorized vehicle lane. When there are couples of riders, do not ride side by side and keep some distance instead.


Airwheel e bike rider can rest assure that the vehicle moves at a stable speed around 20 km/h, very fit for urban traffic environment. Keep the tips in mind and enjoy a safe journey guaranteed by Airwheel.

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