The use of robots in spinal surgeries has received FDA clearance, with over 30,000 procedures completed and 100,000 implants positioned. Robotic guidance significantly enhances the accuracy of implant placement, achieving nearly 98% precision by minimizing human error. This technique also enables surgeons to access the affected portion of the spine through a small incision, typically much smaller than a traditional 5-6-inch incision. Robotic spine surgery allows surgeons to clearly see the operative area and accurately place devices even through a smaller opening.

India is rapidly emerging as a highly advanced destination for robotic spine surgery. The country boasts several top-notch hospitals for robotic spine surgery with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. Many of the best hospitals for robotic spine surgery are staffed by highly qualified surgeons with international experience, making them a valuable asset to India's growing reputation in robotic spine surgery. India's advantage in this field lies in its ability to offer advanced technology at a more affordable cost. There are various benefits to choosing the best hospitals for robotic spine surgery. They can handle a significant number of international patients seeking surgical procedures. Best hospitals for robotic spine surgery are equipped with the latest technology and services, and many are led by world-renowned doctors who are well-versed in the ever-evolving medical field's guidelines and standards.

Today, India has emerged as a prominent hub for spinal surgery, primarily due to the affordable cost of robotic spine surgery. The affordability factor is a key reason international patients choose robotic spine surgery in India. The cost difference is significant, ranging from 55% to 85% less compared to developed countries like the US and the UK. Remarkably, the cost of robotic spine surgery offers this advantage without compromising the quality of treatment, making it about half of what it would cost elsewhere. The cost of robotic spine surgery is considered one of the lowest in the world. By providing cutting-edge medical solutions for a wide range of healthcare issues, it's no surprise that India has become a preferred global healthcare destination for spine surgery. An increasing number of patients choose the cost of robotic spine surgery due to the state-of-the-art facilities offered by top-tier hospitals at a highly affordable cost.

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