The Roundabout Robot on Road- Airwheel S9 intelligent wheeled mobile robot

23, April 2016: Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot is a big step forwards the human artificial intelligence, marking a breakthrough in the field of intelligent commuting and transportation. Airwheel S9 ball balancing scooter is increasingly considered as a masterpiece in of artificial intelligence in the field of daily transportation, providing brilliant navigation and automatic obstacle-avoiding functionalities, which makes daily commuting more intelligent and efficient.


Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot can be monitored and controlled by human voice due to the built-in laser radar and auditory system that help to realize the function of human-machine interactions. And this is a further improvement compared with wireless remote control monitor. And this will bring much more convenience and relaxation to riders. Imagine how wonderful it would be if riders can send vocal orders to the intelligent scooter and the smart Airwheel S9 intelligent robot can react to take actions accordingly.


For those people who are lack of ability to identify routines, Airwheel S9 balancing robot will definitely become the most capable scooter for them. Unlike traditional electric scooter, Airwheel S8 wheeled mobile robot is able to complete routine plans for riders. With the GPRS, WIFI and integrated orientation system, Airwheel S9 balancing robot is able to automatically plan for a optimized riding routine considering destinations and road conditions. For instance, those office workers can get to office within the shortest time by riding Airwheel S9 artificial intelligent robot because the intelligent robot can choose the best routine that saves most time during rush hours in commercial days. Moreover, Airwheel S9 intelligent robot can even avoid obstacles automatically and even the blind riders can enjoy a relaxing and safe scooter riding experience with Airwheel S9 intelligent robot.

Airwheel S9 artificial intelligent robot has marked the new era of electric scooter ridings, and S9 intelligent scooter is the very first scooter product that successfully combines daily transportations with human intelligence.

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