The technology revolution in the field of cancer: A way to make the life of patients easier

29 \ 2019 Delhi: Cancer is basically abnormal growth or sore of cells in any part of the body. For a successful recovery from cancer, the most important aspect is the timely detection of the disease. The mode of treatment, the duration of treatment, everything depends on the stage of detection of the disease; there are many things related to it. A number of new technologies have been invented as an effective weapon to rid of this fatal disease. It is the responsibility of every people to be aware of their own health and identify if any malfunction is there. If cancer can be detected at an early stage, the cancer treatment cost remains less and the side effects are also less and the chances of getting it right are also high.

Men and women have a tendency to develop different kinds of cancers; breast cancer, uterine cervix cancer, and ovary cancer are common in women whereas, in men, prostate and lung cancer are common. In the case of breast cancer, the disease can be diagnosed quickly with digital mammography,  MRI, or thermos elastography. There are many latest technologies to detect and treat different types of cancer, such as Colnoscopy is used in cervix cancer. In this Vajina and Cervix are visualized and detailed information about cancer attempts is made. Ultrasound and CT scan are two commonly performed procedures to detect cancer at an early stage.

A number of new surgical techniques are also there, such as:

Gamma Knives Radiosurgery: It is a type of radiation therapy used to treat anomalies and tumors in the brain. Here, these special radiation beams are directly applied to the tumor for accurate targeting and the rest of the brain is also not damaged.

Stereotactic Surgery: It detects small targets inside the body using a three-dimensional coordinate system. Then through them, procedures like biopsy, radiosurgery, and injections are performed.

Bracky Therapy: In this procedure, radioactive seeds or sources are placed close to the tumor. This targets the tumor directly.

HIPEC Surgery: It is a procedure of heating chemotherapy drugs and sending them directly into the abdominal cavity during surgery.

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