Keller, Texas; 29, December 2015: The Wild Adventure Girls trio - Angelina, Annabella and Scarlett announced the launch of their new website — []on their Facebook page today. The website will have all of their fun kid’seducational videos that are on their YouTube channel, along with a very colorful and interactive blog posts for the kids to discover exciting new things, and are designed for the viewer at home to be able to join alongside them in The Wild Adventure Girls exciting new adventures.

The three stars Angelina, Annabella and Scarlett have also released some new kid’s videos for kids to usher in the New Year 2016. Since the vacations have started in schools, the kid’s science videos have been very popular amongst kids and parents. You will learn, “How to Make a Volcano Explosion,” and “How to Blow up Your Balloon with Pop Rocks and Soda!”

Their tagline "Now tell us, what have YOU Discovered lately?" has also become a favorite with kids. The Wild Adventure Girls end each one of their adventures with that tagline with the purpose of encouraging kids to get out there and start having fun exploring. Their new website will be full of kids educational learning videos and are sure to leave you in stitches as you giggle your way through their fun adventures.

Kids everywhere will fall in love with nature and science and will want to start exploring things on their own after watching an episode of The Wild Adventure Girls.

About The Wild Adventure Girls:

The Wild Adventure Girls includes Angelina, Annabella, and Scarlett. Together they make entertaining, funny, informative videos of all of their Amazing Discoveries and Adventures. Their videos makes the viewers laugh, learn, and sometimes scream at some of the incredible discoveries.

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