28, January 2017: It seems that the topic of sugar is hot and it’s here to stay. With mounting evidence that refined carbohydrates are both addictive and damaging to our bodies, it is no wonder we are getting bombarded with messages to cut back. Unfortunately, kicking sugar is much easier said than done. In fact it can feel downright impossible for many people. The good news is that over the past four decades individuals all around the world have been cracking the code on how to overcome our cravings, end our overeating, and outsmart our sweet tooth. These world experts are now for the first time in human history coming together to share their science, proven strategies, and success stories with sugar hooked individuals all over the world.

The Kick Sugar Addiction World Summitfeatures interviews with 25+top experts onsugar, sugar addictionand sugar addiction recovery. This freeon line event will take place between January 30-Feb 5, 2017 and will be accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.The summit is expected to reach over one million participants from over 17 countries.

“Our summit is intended to help sugar addictskick their addiction”states former sugar addict and co-host Florence Christophers, “and to help unburden the world of sugar related diseases.”

“Everyone is talking about why we need to eat less sugar but too few are talking about how to do that!” For manyindividuals giving up refined carbs can feel impossible,” states Mike Collins a recovered sugar addict and co-host. “Fortunately, this is the focus of our ground breaking summit.”

Our expert panel includes scientists, researchers, doctors, addiction coaches, and recovery experts. This includes Dr. Nicole Avena from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, Bitten Jonssonfrom Sweden, Dr. Vera Tarmanfrom Toronto, Canada, Dr. Richard Johnson Professor of Medicine at University of Colorado and author of The Sugar Fix, Dr. Nancy Appleton the author of 7 books on this topic including Suicide by Sugar, international celebrity Damon Gameau from Australia whose movie That Sugar Film went viral last year and Karen Thompsonbased in South Africa. Plus dozens others. Many of our speakers have kicked their own addiction and have dramatic and lasting weight loss stories.

Sugar addicts come in all shapes and sizes and number in the millions. According to Yale’s Rudd Center for Obesity Research and Policy food / sugar addicts have a biochemical predisposition to respond to refined foods as though they are opiates which light up the same pathways in the brain as heroin and cocaine. Not good!

“We live in a world where food scientists have perfected the creation of highly palatable and (for some of us) highly additive foods. Our summit is intended to arm individuals with the science and super powers they need to resist their gravitational pull and make food choices that are healthy and to get their emotional needs met in better ways,” states Florence Christophers.

Participation in the summit is 100% free and registration is now open. Digital copies and transcripts of the summit will be available for sale before, during and for several days after the event.

For more information and a complete list of our expert panel, call Florence Christophers at 403-995-0391 or [email protected]

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