Phoenix, Arizona, May 16, 2012 As the retailer of quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets, Diamond Kitchen and Bath Inc. helps many homeowners in choosing top quality cabinets for their kitchens and baths.

Gary Zehrbach, owner of Diamond Kitchen and Bath Inc., the leading retailer of cabinets phoenix, has an advice for potential cabinet buyers. “When buying cabinets, there are things you should look for to know its true quality. Most of the time, poor quality cabinets look just like good quality cabinets because of the finish and other aesthetic effects. And it's hard to identify the difference between the two unless you thoroughly check each piece of cabinet.”

Top-of-the-line kitchen cabinets are made and designed just like any good furniture. They should be strong, durable and above all, usable for their intended purpose. Good quality cabinets are made of first-class materials inside and out. But even the most cautious buyers cannot easily identify good quality kitchen cabinets without relying on what the salesperson has to say. If you are not familiar with a cabinet's maker, you can be easily deceived by the looks of any cabinet on display.

When shopping for a kitchen cabinet, the first thing to look for is the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) certification. They only certify cabinets that meet their standards. However, lack of certification doesn't mean that the cabinet of your choice or liking is automatically of poor quality. You must look at other factors also.

A well-built cabinet is made of quality wood or solid wood construction and not of particle board. Thicker wood means better quality. The wood used shouldn't have scars, pockets, knots, irregularities, color differences, and other types of defects.

The corner gussets are also a very important consideration. Gussets are the wood used in the corners of the cabinet. Quality gussets are those made of solid and strong wood or pressboard. Trapezoid-shaped gussets are usually better than triangular gussets. Gussets should also fit perfectly in corners with no wiggling or gaps.

Panels and shelves of cabinets from side, back and bottom should be checked. Although thin panels are lighter, they don't provide much rigidity and they can easily break. Take note also of minor details such as the type of hinges and drawer slides used. The hinges should be strong and adjustable. The drawer should be stable and steady when you open it. And the drawer should slide smoothly.

Finally, look for a Kitchen cabinets in phoenix with great finishing. Look for cabinets finished with catalyzed varnish or lacquer. Better if the finishing contains UV protectant. Good quality finishing will protect your cabinet from extreme conditions in the kitchen.

As Zehrbach says, “Quality is very important in choosing your kitchen cabinet. Being able to buy a beautiful and high quality cabinet is a good investment and will give you your money's worth.” About the Company Diamond Kitchen and Bath Inc. is the leading retailer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets Phoenix. You can visit their showrooms in Phoenix and in Mesa. Aside from selling kitchen and bathroom cabinets, they also provide kitchen remodeling services. You can visit their Website at to get more information about their products and services. You may also contact them at (602) 246-1518 if you like to talk with one of their experts.