24 July, 2013: Unprotected data has haunted you many times when it comes to cloud storage. We don’t want tolose our data while using cloud storage. Recently it has been on news that the top cloud storage provider Dropbox was left unprotected for hours since thousands of passwords of the users were broken. So I guess nobody want their precious information at risk, well for this you’ve to use better cloud storage providers with utmost priority to security and as Dropbox is failing to cater the need of security we have to find some Dropbox alternatives. Here are some Dropbox alternatives which can be used for both home and business purposes.

SugarSync: Sugar Sync is very nicely designed folder sync system and it can be a very efficient Dropbox alternative. It provides a free storage up to 5 GB and more with a small pay. It is supported in Windows XP or later versions and can be also used via iOS 4, Android, Windows Phone. It provides backup of any types of file from the computer and does the work of streaming music files for mobile devices.

Huddle: It is lot more than just a place to store backup. This is a large scale file sharing service especially for bigger business firms and organisations. It provides a collaborative system and can organize users in various ways. This system can also track the file transfers and can also find the ownership of any document or file.

Amazon Cloud Drive: If you are looking for storing your music library then you may find Amazon Cloud Drive as the best Dropbox alternative. You can transfer music files from other cloud storage system by using its new feature called the Safari support. But to inform you that this is a good place for storing music files only. Any other formats of files have to be uploaded manually via web browser.

Microsoft Sky Drive: Microsoft Sky Drive can serve to be a very dependable cloud storage service and a serious Dropbox alternative. It allows the access of any type of files or information from anywhere in the present world. Sky Drive is supports every version of Windows and Mac and is also available for mobile devices. The information stored in the cloud storage can be easily accessed from any devices without any tedious logins though it doesn’t compromises with the security factor.

SpiderOak: SpiderOak is one of the most accurate Drop box alternatives if you are looking for top security for your stored backup files. It has a strong encryption and is checked with many malwares and hacking tools. It has also introduced a new security feature which has proved to be more advanced. It has a tedious process while syncing but once it is done it has no other issues. It gives 2 GB of free storage. It supports all type of OS and also runs in mobile devices without any troubleshoot.

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