There used to be a time that blood cancer meant the end of the world for an affected person. But the new technology of drugs has made treatment options available for blood cancer and blood disorder patients. One such crucial treatment choice is a blood stem cell transplant.

There was once a time that blood cancer meant the end of the road for a patient. But the new technology of medicines has made treatment alternatives available for blood cancer and blood disorder patients with low-cost bone marrow transplants in India. One such critical treatment alternative is a blood stem cell transplant.

In India, every five mins someone is identified with a form of blood cancer and it remains one of the main causes of cancer-related death amongst youngsters.

As per best bone marrow transplant centers In India, “blood cancer debts for eight% of all new cases of cancers diagnosed in India, regardless of this kind of large burden, there's a lack of knowledge and misconceptions in the Indian population. The majority do not recognize that an existence-threatening disease like blood cancer can be dealt with and a patient may have a 2nd chance at life with chemotherapy and other treatment alternatives. In many cases, a stem cell transplant is the patient’s best risk for survival, particularly for patients who cannot be treated with chemotherapy. The risk factors for developing blood cancer consist of age, sex, ethnicity, family records, radiation, or chemical exposure. The risk factors vary between one-of-a-kind styles of blood cancer. A successful blood stem-cell transplant will increase a patient’s survival rate by 90% with low-cost bone marrow transplant in India.”

Speaking about the scenario of blood cancer in India Top bone marrow transplant specialists in India at the best bone marrow transplant centers In India, said “the weight of blood cancer in India is huge and the treatment centers aren't available in each part of the country. It’s far our constant effort to create more than one centers of excellence that give excellent medical care and true consequences of stem cell transplant even in the smaller cities. Amidst the pandemic, we had been continuing our aid to blood most cancers patients. We’ve performed lifesaving stem cell transplants too. However, the demand for finding the same blood cell donor which is simply too high could only be attained if more individuals come forward and register as lifesavers.”

Today, more than 31 million capability unrelated donors are listed worldwide with stem cell donor facilities and registries. Of which only 0.03% are Indians. This case can only be modified via recruiting many capacity stem cell donors from India.

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