About a year ago, top cardiologists in Bangalore told Arthur Brown the only option to repair his leaky tricuspid heart valve was open-heart surgery. Unfortunately, that surgery comes with serious risks that Arthur, who also had an unrelated lung tumor removed in May 2019, wasn’t comfortable taking.

According to Top cardiologists in Bangalore, “Arthur became the first patient in a new clinical trial to receive a minimally invasive device that repaired his faulty heart valve – and without open-heart surgery.

The compact tool is inserted through a leg vein and is perfectly located inside a failing valve by a medical doctor using a catheter that’s managed from outdoor the patient’s body. The relatively simple procedure enabled Arthur to leave the top cardiac hospitals in Bangalore the following day. Open-heart surgery patients are typically hospitalized for at least a week. The human heart has four chambers, each of that have a valve that controls the flow of blood as it obtains oxygen from the lungs. That refreshed and recirculated blood components the body with the oxygen we want to live.”

It’s turning into more common to repair faulty coronary heart valves through catheters because it permits patients to recover a lot more quickly. However the tricuspid valve – which sits among the top and bottom chambers on the right aspect of the heart – has very complex functions and was best repairable via open-heart surgical treatment, until lately.

“Open-heart surgery can be grueling or even risky for patients with more than one intense health condition,” said one of the physicians who led Arthur’s procedure, top cardiologists in Bangalore “many older or weak sufferers may not be the right candidates for open-heart surgery,” Arthur endured.

Arthur performed Arthur’s surgery with top cardiologists in Bangalore who led the use of echocardiography essential for transcatheter heart valve procedure, Top cardiac hospitals in Bangalore that repair and replaces all four heart valves with a catheter, through both FDA-approved procedures and top cardiac hospitals in Bangalore’s involvement in clinical trials.

Arthur had a severe case of a leaky tricuspid valve before, and now only has a mild case. A month after the procedure, Arthur feels energetic again. After Arthur completes about six months of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, the couple looks forward to returning to discovering new wildflowers during wilderness hikes.

Arthur said. “I am grateful and lucky that top cardiac hospitals in Bangalore have people with the information needed to provide me this care. It’s all fallen into place so fantastically.”

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