Columbus, OH; July 27, 2013: The YouTube video titled “The Top Five Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit”, was just posted and can be viewed at 

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This video, less than two minutes long, points out where credit challenged consumers can start their search for credit card companies that are willing to work with an individual that has less than perfect credit. 

The video describes that an independent study was performed to help credit impaired consumers sort through credit card offers to find the top five that are oriented toward individuals that have bad credit. The video goes on to point out that the Houston Chronicle posted the study that can be found here 

According to the study the top credit card is the Horizon Gold Card. It states that to apply for the card the consumer is not required to undergo an employment or credit check. The findings of the study also show that the Horizon Gold Card starts with a $500 limit and reports the consumer’s payment history to the Transunion credit reporting agency. Consumers can apply for this card online through the Horizon Gold Card website, according to the site, consumers will know immediately if they approved for the card. 

Consumers can learn more about the Horizon Gold Card and the other credit cards chosen in the study by reading the study’s findings. 

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J.C. McClain has authored two books on credit cards available at the Amazon Kindle library, Credit Cards for Bad Credit 2013 and Best Credit Card Rewards 2013 McClain’s YouTube videos can be found by searching Credit Cards for Bad Credit. McClain has also appeared on the nationally syndicated radio financial fitness show sharing his expertise in credit repair. McClain is also the credit expert for Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. 

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