Certified life coach Marie Grigorian was interviewed recently by Marcus Edwards of Spotlight Radio about life coaching and getting more out of life. 

As a certified life coach and success coach, Marie Grigorian was uniquely qualified to address this audience. In this interview she discussed: what is coaching, what the difference between coaching and therapy is, and how to choose the right life coach. 

What is coaching? 

“Coaching is an on-going professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, their careers, and their businesses or organizations.” –International Coaching Federation 

In the course of the interview Marie also explained the difference between coaching and therapy and how to select the right life coach to get the results they are committed to. 

According to Emgee Coaching for Excellence founder Marie Grigorian, “With coaching people get access to their ultimate passion and ultimate strengths. When they look deeply upon these areas, people can create the life of their dreams .” 

About Marie Grigorian: 

For more than 30 years, Marie Grigorian has worked with individuals, entrepreneurs and larger corporations to help them achieve their goals. Her passion is coaching individuals and entrepreneurs to succeed in their lives as well as their careers. 

As a Los Angeles based Certified Life Coach Marie helps clients to clarify their direction, focus efforts, and execute to get the right results faster. 

For Media Contact:
Marie Grigorian
Glendale, CA
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