Eugene, Oregon — February 3, 2017 — The era of office practice in marriage counseling or couples counseling may be at a dead end, according to 36 year veteran marriage counselor Dr. Max Vogt.

Dr. Vogt has worked in a private practice for decades providing couples counseling and many clients reported great success; however in the last few years Vogt has worked in half day or single day intensives in clients’ homes and believes this way of working is far more efficient, requires less scheduling and appointment making, takes less time and saves money for the clients

“The time clients are the most open and ready for change is right at the moment they are seeking counseling,” says Vogt. “Why take weeks or even months to do work that might be done more effectively in a single day?”

Vogt works with clients in their own homes, which he says is a “natural environment, and one where real healing can take place.  Coming to a professional office is stifling and artificial, and people do not carry back to their real lives the power of the work.”

Dr. Vogt can be reached for intensives and also for free marriage classes and daily inspirational emails at
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