Eugene, Oregon — February 2, 2017 — Marriage counseling might help if you get it at just the right time, but if your timing is off, it could be a very bad decision, according to 36 year veteran therapist and marriage counselor Dr. Max Vogt.

Dr. Vogt says that if a couple is not ready for couples counseling or marriage therapy — and in distress — they are just as likely to use the information and intended help they get in counseling as weapons against each other as they are to use that help to make their marriage successful and satisfying.

“There are four distinct stages of marriage in a long term relationship,” says Vogt.  “And if a couple or their therapist does not know which stage they are in, using certain therapeutic methods can be useless at best and quite harmful at worst.”

Dr. Vogt states that the lack of information that couples and therapists have about these stages and what methods fit the stage is not their fault; he says that very few people know about these stages even though when he discusses them in his free marriage classes, people have the “light bulbs” turned on and see why they are having troubles — and how to successfully move toward the future in their marriage.

Dr. Vogt has started a series of daily, positive, marriage-affirming emails which you can get for free at  You can also find links to free marriage classes at his site.

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