Heart surgery in children is necessary to repair heart defects present at birth, known as congenital heart defects (CHD), as well as heart conditions that develop after birth. This surgery is essential for the child's overall health and well-being. There are various types of heart defects, ranging from minor to severe. These defects can occur within the heart itself or in the major blood vessels outside the heart. In some cases, surgery must be performed immediately after the baby is born, while for others, it can be delayed. Additionally, certain heart defects may not require surgical intervention, as they can naturally improve as the baby grows.

When it comes to your child's heart, you naturally seek the highest quality care available. Whether you're concerned about an unexpected dizzy spell during sports or have a family history of heart issues, you may find yourself in search of a pediatric cardiologist. The best pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon in India is here for you whenever you need him. Paediatric cardiothoracic surgery with Dr. K S Iyer is a highly skilled and respected specialist in pediatric cardiology, capable of treating a wide range of heart conditions, both acquired and congenital, using the latest advancements and cutting-edge equipment. However, what sets him apart extends beyond having top-ranked experts and outstanding medical facilities. Best pediatric cardiac surgeon in India is dedicated to creating a warm and reassuring environment for families. The extensive range of treatments, services, expertise, and the option of seeking second opinions from the best pediatric cardiac surgeon in India attract families from all over the world who are seeking the finest care for their loved ones. Many of his patients come from outside India.

Best paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon India is highly regarded cardiologist specializing in infant heart disease. He practices at Fortis Escorts Hospital in Delhi and enjoys international recognition for his exceptional medical outcomes, as well as his contributions to research and education in the field of pediatric cardiac surgery. Paediatric cardiothoracic surgery with Dr. K S Iyer is among the most comprehensive in the world, performing approximately 650 cardiac operations each year. He is globally acknowledged for his role in educating and training fellows from more than 20 countries during the past thirty years. In addition to surgical expertise, the best pediatric cardiac surgeon in India offers a wide range of clinical services, tertiary care, and health promotion and prevention programs tailored to children and adolescents. Best paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon India’s practice extends its care to children not only from the USA and the UK but also from various other countries across the globe.

India cardiac surgery service understands that international patients have unique needs and expectations. To provide an exceptionally specialized service, we offer seamless patient care of the highest global standards. From the moment you arrive at the airport to your registration and discharge, we have designed an unparalleled service experience in India. Our top priority is to treat you with the utmost respect while delivering the highest quality care. We acknowledge that you have numerous options when it comes to cardiology providers, but we believe we stand out from the rest through our commitment to providing personalized and individualized care.

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