San Diego: There’s another first on the Internet for number 1 ranked & They’ve launched a Web Shopping Mall in travel pages. The colourful mall features box stores, ladies and men's fashions, children’s and baby clothing, home furnishings, hardware, garden and lawn items, event ticketing, electronics, games, toys and Internet services and more. The sites even have an electronics auctioneer. The two hundred and fifty store mall will be linked to travel on the same pages. “It’s an ideal combination for vacation planners,” states President, Dr. Paul Bickert.

AnyDestination Travel, a newcomer, has been ranked in the top ten (Ref. AboutUs.Com)and in certain sections of travel like cruise deals number one. The new shopping mall addition will give the travel consolidator a unique blend.
“In the next two weeks, we will provide newcomers to the Internet travel booking experience instructional video to assist them in working through their bookings. This will be another first for travel web sites providing a valuable tool for those seeking to get the best deals,” adds Bickert. The mall will be linked by several other new domains that AnyDestination owns.

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