Congenital heart disorder corrective surgical treatment fixes or treats a heart disorder that a child is born with. A child born with one or more coronary heart defects has congenital coronary heart disease. Surgery is required if the defect may want to damage the child's long-term health or well-being. Congenital coronary heart disorder is a general term referring to defects occurring in the heart, valves, or arteries. As there are numerous sorts of congenital heart disease, likewise there are numerous techniques for correcting and/or treating these defects.

The practice of pediatric cardiology requires a combination of advanced infrastructure and the skill-sets of highly trained professionals. Dr. Rajesh Sharma is considered to be the best pediatric cardiologist in India. He gives state of the art and management for sufferers across all age group-newborns, infants, children and adult sufferers with structural anomalies of the heart. It is very amazing that Dr. Rajesh Sharma pediatric cardiac surgeon Delhi is capable of offer a combination of extraordinarily low cost pediatric cardiac treatment in India along with extremely success rates as well. In fact, he has success rates in excess of 98%, which is absolutely world-class. He does around 6 to 7 congenital heart cases every months which is around 750 paediatric cases every year and the overall results are very good……. Dr. Rajesh Sharma does neonatal heart surgery as well.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma pediatric cardiac surgeon Delhi treats an extensive range of cardiac conditions and has high-quality knowledge in dealing with complex congenital cardiac surgical operation. He aim is to continue to provide a child heart surgery service that is recognized internationally and to continue participating in improvements in the care of children requiring this surgical management. Dr. Rajesh Sharma care for children of every age, including preterm and low-birth-weight newborns, tailoring procedures and treatments to the needs of each individual child and his or her family.

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