Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - Trezoro Jewellery, an Australia-based online store, enriched its collection of gemstone rings with new items from Thai and Israeli designers. All jewellery that the company stocks is made from genuine sterling silver and adorned with natural gemstones, pearls, and Cubic Zirconia.

Most of the new rings came from the Thai jewellery brand Juvite. Juvite is known worldwide for its unconventional style and excellent quality. The company’s slogan “Exclusive design for the sophisticated mind” reflects its work in the best way: rings, earrings, and pendants are made for women who have a bright personality and are eager to emphasise it with their clothing and accessories. Juvite silver rings are often oxidised for the trendy dark colour, rhodium or gold plated. All their jewellery is embellished with natural gemstones: ruby-red garnet, deep blue sapphire, bright yellow citrine, tender green peridot, purple amethyst, light blue Swiss sky topaz, or dark blue London topaz. One of the most popular Juvite rings with a gemstone has the mysterious name Midnight Dew, and it’s not just a metaphor — natural peridot in the shape of a drop really looks like a drop of dew. Another hit in the new Juvite collection is a gemstone ring called Secret Luxury with a lustrous garnet of unusual triangular form, which jewellers call trilliant.

Another Trezoro’s designer who is famous for the silver gem rings is from Israel. His floral and abstract jewellery is loved by women of all ages and styles. Not at all extravagant, but lovely and tender, jewellery from the Music and Dance collection literally sings and dances. Attention to the smallest details, excellent quality of gemstones, and unique design all make these rings a favourite piece in any jewellery box.

Rings with gemstones are a perfect gift or a timeless accessory that elevates any attire. It’s not difficult to choose one that will highlight any style from Trezoro’s wide range.

About Trezoro Jewellery

Trezoro is an online jewellery shop based in Adelaide, South Australia. Trezoro ships worldwide, free in Australia and New Zealand. The company was established in 2015, and soon became very popular among women who are constantly looking for something different and unusual, but care about quality. The company slogan “Where timeless is not boring” reflects the idea of a product that is unconventional, bright, sometimes even bizarre, but still timeless thanks to precious metals, natural gemstones, and excellent work quality.

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