The spine or backbone gives equilibrium to the upper part of our body. It assists with holding the body upstanding. The care of patients with spinal issues has endured to adjust quickly over the past decade. Degenerative illness, deformation, injury and tumour stay the principal center. In the new millennium patients should be educated to live with their spinal pain. There is a more than enough dependable proof based solution to help patients with defeating their circumstances. Minimally invasive spine surgical procedure utilizes the present advanced innovation to treat spinal pain and neck pain by variety of spinal conditions.

Dr. S Karunakaran India has been a leader in spinal surgery to improve the tools and techniques used for the procedure, He is one of the most advanced spine surgeon in India with the latest state of the art diagnostic and surgical equipment. Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon Chennai has expertise in doing the rarest of the rare cases as well as the cases which are complex and difficult. He helps to solve the plight of patients and in assisting overseas patients. Dr. S Karunakaran India is specialized in minimally invasive spine surgery and makes use of the latest hi-technology care in order to provide the finest treatment among spine surgery. Indeed, Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon Chennai educates and assists his patients in decision-making process, provide full range of options information, and explain about technical possibilities, complications of the procedure and its peculiar benefits. Dr. S Karunakaran India is willing to serve you with the best of spine surgery and to help you to ease your chronic back pain.

For patients suffering chronic back or neck pain due to a spinal condition, Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon Chennai utilizes his experience and expertise to diagnose and treat conditions of the spine. His unique approach ensures that each patient’s treatment plan is based on his or her habits, lifestyle and goals. He uses information from your history, physical examination and imaging studies to make an informed decision as to whether non-surgical treatment, minimally invasive surgical treatment, rest or physical therapy is required. Being specialized in minimally invasive spine surgery Dr. S Karunakaran India offers the most advanced non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical treatment options anywhere in India. Treatment plans are absolutely customized to the needs of every individual patient.

At spine and neuro surgery service India neurology and spine diseases are treated with special care and specialist surgeons. The renowned and top docs are connected with us to offer you the exact solution of your disease. Neurology and spinal treatment calls for urgent attention and right care, so, Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon Chennai have a considerable understanding and experience to endown with successful and proper treatment for you. We help medical tourists find the best doctors and handle all of your scheduling and reservations too! Spine and neuro surgery service India packages also include a day long tour to one of the world’s seven wonders — the Taj Mahal! Get treated and get exploring!

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