[Tulsa, OK] – May 12, 2012 – Consumers today are quite savvy when it comes to understanding the risks they take when they give out their personal information and the unfortunate side effect of the average person being aware of those risks is that criminals are able to see the converse side of the situation: potential profits from themselves. A surprisingly robust black market has sprung up around stolen information and one of the easiest ways for criminals to locate a great deal of data quickly is to look in the trash cans and recycling containers of today’s companies. For those companies that do nothing about this concern, it can cause quite a situation if a story linking them to a crime ever made the media. A public relations disaster like this is not something that those who know about Tulsa shredding have to worry about because they are letting experts handle their shredding needs in order to ensure the integrity of their company’s data protection policies even when the data in question is stored in paper records that must be disposed of. Instead of trusting employees with the task, by outsourcing to a company that handles the shredding for them, they can save time and raise efficiency without needing to buy any equipment or hire particular specialists.

Greenstar Shredding is an excellent example of the type of company that Tulsa businesses are turning to today. They know that this is an excellent place for them to get shredding in Tulsa, but they also know that the company goes further and will make sure that all paper is properly recycled so that less waste ends up going into a landfill. This is something that helps a company reduce its carbon footprint and is definitely going to have a positive impact on a company’s public image, something that matters in this day and age of lightning fast social media communications. Companies in Tulsa know that they have to take steps to be more in sync with the environmental mindset today’s customers have and that it is up to them to make sure they are protecting themselves by being proactive.

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