UK Cheap Hosts, the Cheapest and most reliable Web Hosting Company in the UK, is pleased to offer FREE SSL Certificates for its clients forever. This provides their customers to chance not only to save money but also to make their websites secure indefinitely.

Previously, customers had to pay extra money for SSL certificates which could add anything between £10 to £250. They used to have to renew each year. Cheap Web hosting UK now offers SSL certificates for free for all their domains forever and they renew them automatically.

FREE SSL certificates are offered for all websites at no any additional costs. For those who use a WordPress login or accept payments through an ecommerce website do not have to worry about annually renewing certificates or obtaining a unique IP. This is because the company’s cpanelautoSSL system will manage the client’s SSL certificates automatically.

With this new company offering, customers can now save up to £200 each year and the cost of human intervention associated with renewing and setting up of the certificates. Any website that hosts with the company can easily be enabled for the free SSL certificates.

Website owners can truly benefit from having SSL on their site. It brings security and establishes trust amongst the visitors. When customers visit the website, they can have peace of mind knowing that their session is always secured and any information transmitted is hidden from any prying eyes. Having SSL on a websites also provide an opportunity to obtain higher rankings on search engines. This is because some search engines consider websites with security certificates as being more secure, thus giving them extra ranking points.

Just recently, Cpanel has completed beta testing a new innovative system called “Auto SSL”. This enables cpanel services to obtain free Comodo SSL certs automatically from the Lets Encrypt system that is open course certificate system and free. This is the reason behind this free offering of SSL certificates.

UK Cheap Hosts is a reputable and highly affordable hosting company in the UK committed to delivering quality UK hosting solutions for its wide range of customers. It has been providing innovative services for more than a decade and is equipped with state-of-the-art systems and tools for optimal performance. With this new offering, the company strives to meet the growing needs of their customers throughout the UK and beyond.

About Uk Cheap Hosts

UK Cheap Hosts provides web hosting in the UK on Fast Cpanel servers using SSD drive technology. Uk Cheap Hosts was established in 2006 with the goal of offering cheap web hosting for webmaster and small businesses.

Phillip Jenkins, Manager
Company: UK Cheap Hosts
Telephone Number : +1-302-703-0525
Address : High Speed Web Services LLC, 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, Delaware, 19958, United States
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