Tiffany Style Lamps are made of several hand-cut stained-glass chips in a multitude of colors and textures. These are soldered together with copper borders around each piece. The pieces, when viewed as a whole, often depict some type of picture, such as a nature scene; but, other times they are simply put together in a modern pattern. These lamps were originated by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 19th century. There are still originals; however, most tiffany style lamps today are reproductions.

Normally when you select a lamp, there are considerations to make, such as whether it will go with your current décor, if it will match your furniture, if it will match the curtains, etc. When you search for a tiffany style lamp, all of the care about décor matching goes out the window. This style of lamp is something that is meant not to match; in other words, you do not want it to blend in with the décor, you want it to stand out.

The main purpose of the tiffany style lamp is for decorative purposes; however, it plays a pivotal role in accent lighting, as well. If you need a lamp for reading, this is not the lamp; but, if you require something as an accent piece in a room, this is certainly the lamp you need to go for. There are many different styles of tiffany style lamps; in fact, they even come as touch lamps.

What are the main colors in the room in which you are going to put your new tiffany style lamp? You can match one of the colors in your lamp to that of a color in the room, but you do not necessarily have to do so. Tiffany Style Lamps are all about accessorizing. With regular lamps, you want them to match with everything; it is not the same with a tiffany style lamp.

This is the very nature of the tiffany style lamp. It is a lamp that is meant to stand out in a room; not blend in. This is what is so great about an accent piece such as this. What would normally be considered as tacky is not so when it comes to these precious lamps. You have a large amount of latitude when it comes to decorating with tiffany style lamps. And best of all, you will get compliments every time someone new sees your new decorative piece.

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