Universe Charcoal Announces to Supply Shisha Charcoal & Hookah Charcoal

Henan Province, China; 07, March 2017: There are many people around the world who love hookah and shisha. Universe Charcoal helps people to enjoy a flavorful hookah by supplying them the charcoal made from environment friendly materials. This charcoal can be used in hookah and shisha and people can rest assured of not inhaling or taking in any harmful or poisonous component. The company assures of supplying products that are safe and healthy for hookah lovers.

The company produces shisha charcoal, which lights easily with a smokeless and odorless flame that enhances the joy of smoking shisha. The charcoal burns consistently and evenly without leaving any residue. Thus, it lasts long, giving shisha smoking pleasure for a long period of time, without a need to change it more frequently. The charcoal is available in different tablet sizes, which can burn up to one hour or longer.

They also have quality and affordable hookah charcoal in their stock, which can enhance the experience of hookah smoking, with an odorless and smokeless burning of the charcoal. The charcoal is available in the tablet form and each pack contains 8 rolls of 10 hookah tablets each. The charcoal burns evenly and can light for up to one hour, allowing a person to keep enjoying the taste and flavor of the hookah. Besides the tablet form, they also have cube charcoals, available in the dimension of 30*30*13mm.

Customers can also purchase ncense charcoal and barbeque charcoal from them. The BBQ charcoal is available in the shapes of honeycomb, bar, columns and other shapes. One can choose from a variety of charcoals and coals from them as per their hookah or shisha smoking preferences. The spokesperson, however, maintains that each type of charcoal is made of the quality materials that do not compromise with the health of a smoker and also do not affect the environment adversely. One can check all the details of these products by visiting their website http://www.universecharcoal.com/home.asp.

About Universe Charcoal Limited:

Being the leading and largest charcoal manufacture in China, UNIVERSE CHARCOAL LTD was established in 1994. Located in Henan Province, China, they produce a variety of products: Shisha / hookah charcoal, BBQ charcoal etc. They produce charcoal products from environmentally correct raw material sources. With many years’ experience and high technology, they assure of good quality and the best prices. The company enjoys a high reputation in Europe, Middle-east North Africa, Asia pacific and so on.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Vincent
Whatsapp (TEL WECHAT): +8615239396699
Email: universecharcoal@vip.163.com
Website: http://www.universecharcoal.com