24 dec 2018, Navi Mumbai: Recently, Urology Society of India awarded Tour2india4health Consultants in India, for providing successful medical tour assistance to maximum patients visiting for Urology Surgery in India, specially from the African countries. Addressing each and every aspect of the medical tours of these African patients, made achieving this feat possible. Be it the cost of Urology Surgery in India, getting in touch with the top 10 Urologists in India or the Urology Surgery packages at top Hospitals in India– these and all other such patient-friendly attributes helped the African patients in finalizing India as their final treatment venue.

Tour2india4health as the frontrunner in medical tourism in India, has excellent coordination the hospitals with highly matured Urology departments. Not only the Urology Surgery packages at top Hospitals in India is extremely suitable for these medical value travellers, but the treatment infrastructure at these hospitals also has been a reason behind this accomplishment.

The presence of outstanding doctors and surgeons, particularly, the top 10 Urologists in India, has played a highly significant role behind this feat achieved by Tour2india4health Consultants. Tour2india4health has an extremely established rapport with these proficient Urologists and thus the group can very effortlessly plan the whole treatment process for the African patients. Further, the group’s representatives can also assist the patients in getting connected with these surgeons, plan online consultation and much more. All of this, without these medical value travellers going through a lengthy waiting period.

In addition to all this, the cost of Urology Surgery in India is extremely inexpensive, which makes getting Urology Surgery in India, a highly lucrative experience. Considering the fact that the patients from African countries are not that strong financially, the Urology Surgery budget in India is a major source of hope for them. This is one of the key reasons, why the international patients’ footfall from the African countries keeps soaring higher with every passing year.

So, over the years, Tour2india4health Consultants has created enumerable success stories, where medical value travellers specifically from the African countries, have benefitted enormously from Urology Surgery in India.

About Tour2india4health Consultants: Tour2india4health Consultants, reputed as a leading name, which it comes to Healthcare Tourism in India, has an expansive and thriving network in India, spread across cities including prime cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and others. This medical tourism planning organization offers very patient-friendly packages and amenities that make the treatment process,a wholesome experience for the medical value travellers. Being in the Medical Tourism industry for many years now, the organization’s aim is to provide all-embracingpackages to the international patients.

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