Date:- August 30,2019, Location:- Delhi Ventricular assist device (VAD) is an artificial pumping which is used to support heart function and blood flow for the Patients with weakened hearts. This mechanical device basically takes blood from a lower chamber of the heart and pump it to the vital organs of the body, just as a healthy heart would. A Ventricular Assist Device Surgeryhelps to support your heart, while a patient is waiting for a heart transplant.

Ventricular Assist Device Surgery in India is conducted by usingseveral small parts including a small tube that carries blood out of patient’s heart into a pump and another tube carrying a blood from the pump to the blood vessels, delivering the blood into the body. The ventricular assist device has a power source which is connected to a control unit to monitor the functions of the VAD. The device is also designed to provide warnings if the power is low or the device aren’t working properly. In earlier days, Ventricular Assist Devices were mostly used for people who had end-stage heart failure, but now they can also help people who have early stages of heart failure.

In the last few years, India has become a medical tourism destination for Ventricular Assist Device Surgery at an affordable price. India has a number of best hospitals well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure Ventricular Assist surgery with a high success rate. The Ventricular Assist Device cost in India is much lower than other developed countries without compromising the treatment quality. A number of experience and skilled cardiologist are here in India to take care of Ventricular Assist Device implantation surgery and helps people of survive  end-stage of heart failure.

About India Cardiac Surgery Site: India Cardiac Surgery Site is a pioneer name in the field of heart-related treatment and surgery for both children and adults. They have a network of efficient and experienced cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, health experts, and world-class hospital facilities of India. Their cardiac surgeons and cardiologists are on top of the research in cardiology and surgeries. All of their hospitals are equipped with advanced examination and surgical apparatus that can help in accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care of the patient during their surgeries in India. They are focused on providinghigh-quality treatment to their patients with maximum comfort and satisfaction when they are dealing with India Cardiac Surgery Site for heart surgery in India.

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