Versadial Solutions call recording software now compatible with Avaya H.323, Avaya Nortel UNIStim VoIP, and Panasonic VoIP phone solutions.

Irvine, California, January 31st, 2017 - Versadial Solutions, an industry leading call recording solution provider, has added support for Avaya H.323, Avaya Nortel UNIStim, and Panasonic MGCP signaling.

Most VoIP recording solutions require integration with PBX CTI or SMDR to capture details such as caller ID, dialed number, extension, and direction of the call. With the addition of direct compatibility of the Avaya and Panasonic protocols for VoIP, these call details are captured directly from the signaling.

“With SMDR integration for call recording solutions, there is always the chance that call details are lost due to delays in the communication with the PBX and the recorder or other factors.” said Adam Otterbein, Support Engineer at Versadial Solutions. “By directly capturing from the signal, we greatly reduce the chances of missing these details.”

UNIStim (or Unified Networks IP Stimulus) is a Telecommunications protocol developed by Nortel (now acquired by Avaya) for IP Phones. Alternatively, Avaya H.323 is an Avaya specific flavor of H.323 Telecommunications protocol.

Tighter integration and compatibility with the major PBX manufacturers appears to be a priority for Versadial Solutions. A recent upgrade included full compatibility with ShoreTel VoIP and their ShoreTel MGCP signaling protocol.

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