Viatexts Launches Worlds First All Inclusive Bulk SMS Text Messaging App

Presenting the breakout mobile system of the year, Viatexts, a bulk SMS Text company, has launched first of its kind all in one bulk sms text messaging platform for Android and iOS. The platform provides complete functions text messaging services.

Businesses work on leads and reach. While there have been quite a few mediums of reaching out to people but the increasing popularity of bulk text messaging is something that shows how effective this particular method is. Now providing a unique platform for marketers, through which they can reach out to huge potential client base within seconds through text using their mobile phone. The company apps launched for Android and iOS are being considered best in the industry and are fully compliant.  No longer do businesses need to access a computer platform to send text message advertising to their customers.

“Bulk SMS has become the most preferred mean of reaching out to people. It is instant and more effective.  No other form of advertising yields this high of ROI”, the company representatives told. Informing about the idea of coming up with a unique platform carrying apps as theirs, they said, “There are over 300 million mobile phone users in U.S. and way more than that all across the globe. We came up with a platform which allows marketers to reach out to them through SMS messages without creating any active call on networks, anytime, anywhere. Our apps are now making things much better for them because they are full featured, everything you can do on the computer you can do on your mobile device.”

Reportedly, the Viatexts platform provides options to marketers to market either to the individual clients or thousands of clients in seconds. The apps launched for Android and iOS allows marketers to get their messages anytime, anywhere, load lists, receive and forward incoming messages, purchase credits, design lists and keywords, import and export, even track url click through analytics. As the makers said, the best thing about their platform is that they provide SMS facility to all countries and a two way SMS option in 19 different countries.

It is being observed with the changing trends that mobile sms text marketing delivers more impactful campaigns. Now the makers states that in their observations so far, and of many other successful marketers out there, more than 90 percent of texts are opened and checked by people within minutes. With Viatexts bulk messaging apps, this task can be done from anywhere and the rate of response can be extremely high.

Their users have appreciated their app and unique platform mentioning the highly notable change in the response rate which they have achieved and the ease with which their app has made it possible for them.

“Our apps have been designed and developed with a sole purpose of making our unique and effectively proven bulk SMS platform available within the reach of every marketer so that they can use it on any Android or iOS using device”, company officials told.

Their live chat support service is also being widely appreciated for providing great customer service and technical help to their users. Now with their apps available for all users, people are finding it much easier and more effective to user their platform and create impactful marketing campaigns.
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