Video ads on YouTube by OTRD are a hit

Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department recently decided to spend its 20% budget for the come see for yourself campaign on YouTube TrueView Video ads. This move makes it possible for the OTRD to reach out to more people for less. 

Typically the OTRD used to depend on the Television and print media to attract more and more people between 25 and 65 years of age. However, this was not an affordable way to reach out to the people living in the big cities like L.A. and N.Y. thus OTRD selected 12 test markets to run these you tube ads April to May. It also ran search, display and outdoor advertising in separate markets simultaneously. 

Dick Dutton, the director of the OTRD’s Travel Promotion Division said ,”We launched the traditional media with the YouTube [ads] simultaneously so we have matching dates to track the data with.” The state soon discovered that the videos were the right idea. The website visitations by the people grew more than 400%. Moreover the 12 target markets contributed 44% in the total traffic of website. This increase in the traffic put OTRD’s official website on the top spot in among all the State websites. Mr. Dutton said that it is clear that the state will spend more on the YouTube ads in the future but traditional means will be discarded is still unclear. 

If you wish to see the video spot posted by the OTRD then you can go for the directory submission on the website