19th January, New York
Creative customers often send feedback to Kitchen Supreme after using the products in a new and exciting manner. However, this time, the company was struck to see the vegetable slicer being put to use for something different than a salad, meal or side dish. Talented vlogger decided to put the spiral veggie slicer to the test and use it to make sweets.

Although the idea might seem difficult to believe, it seems that the plan worked. Frank Williams, owner at Kitchen Supreme was surprised to see that the gadget could be used to make sweets. However, he was more than happy to notice that customers trust the gadget and make use of their creativity when cooking with vegetable pasta maker.

SugarCoder, talented and active vlogger uploaded a video of the veggie spiralizer used to cut ube. This is a premier as this is the first time when the gadget is used to make sweets, the process being captured on video. Recently released on a dedicated online platform, the video demonstrates the flexibility of the gadget and the numerous options it offers when it comes to food preparation.

Frank Williams was delighted to notice that the video already recorded over 5000 views and hundreds of likes. For Kitchen Supreme, this is a great victory and a confirmation of the fact that their efforts are not in vain. The spiral veggie slicer is an appreciated product and will continue to be so as long as customers are ready to use their creativity when cooking. Hopefully, many more such videos will appear.

About the product

The Kitchen Supreme spiral slicer is a reliable product made from top materials. The blades are very sharp, being able to cut through anything, form zucchini to squash, sweet potatoes or ube. The manufacturer recommends customers using the gadget with great care. Also, the cleaning process should include the brush offered in the package. Additionally, customers will be receiving a vegetable peeler, which is just as sharp and a recipe book. Within the pages of the recipe book, customers will be able to try a few meal suggestions. The product is safe, simple to use and to wash and will help families eat healthy, nourishing meals.

About the company

Kitchen Supreme is a small family business that has been operating on the ecommerce field since 2013.The company is currently offering customers three different products, all reliable and made from top materials. Kitchen Supreme focuses on providing customers with a complete and satisfying shopping experience. Thus, apart from high quality products, the provider is offering professional customer service. Clients are encouraged to contact the company in case of questions or problems and adequate solutions will be quickly found.

For further details regarding the products or the company, please visit www.kitchen-supreme.com or use the information listed below:

Contact Name: Frank Williams

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.kitchen-supreme.com

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