This year beaches along the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina have been ranked among the best in the country for uncontaminated water, according to an annual report released by the Natural Resources Defence Council. Virginia has come in at number six for the cleanest water in the country for 2013, the same ranking it received in 2011, in the report “Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches”. 

This report conducted by the environmental team studied data gathered from more than 3,000 beaches across the nation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state beach coordinators. 

Local businesses like HMS Plumbing are really excited about the potential benefits that Virginia could see from this report. When people see that Virginia has one of the cleanest water sources in the nation, they will be more willing to make the Va. beaches their summer destinations. The entire community would see positive economic boosts from an increase in tourism. 

Herve, owner of HMS Plumbing, could not be more thrilled about these results. “The local community and especially all of us at HMS Plumbing are anxious to see how this affects local businesses. Now the nation can see what we all know, Virginia is a beautiful vacation destination, and visitors will not be disappointed.” 

This is great news because in 2012, 4% of water samples of Virginia beaches exceeded national public health limits for allowable bacteria levels. Although this might seem small compared to Ohio’s 21%, the Virginia State Government and Parks Department has made efforts to bring this level back down, and with success. 

For the entire U.S., the national average for water samples that violated health standards in 2012 was 7%. Most of this was due to storm-water runoff and sewage problems. 

Don’t worry though, if you visit a beach in Virginia, the clean waters will not only be bacteria free but also cool you down during the heat waves. 

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