Summer is an excellent time for visiting Barbados because the Crop Over Festival is held over July and August. The Essential Hotel Collection provides accommodation for Caribbean honeymoons to Barbados throughout the year, and it is currently recommending the summer months as a great time to go because visitors can join in with the festivities that are going on during this time. 

The Crop Over Festival is the most popular festival of the calendar year in Barbados, and any couples on Caribbean honeymoons during July and August will find it a fantastic time to be in the country. The origins date back over two centuries, when it began as a celebration of the end of the sugar season. 

The festival went into decline when the sugar industry began to become less important, and it stopped completely in 1940. However, it was revived in the 1970s and has been growing every year. Now thousands of revellers take part from all over the world, and it is packed full of fun events for everyone. 

Visitors will find food, drink, local crafts, lots of calypso music, interesting stalls, photography and folk celebrations, so couples on Caribbean honeymoons will find themselves with plenty to do. 

There are many shows including Cohobblopot, which is a lively carnival with plenty of costumes, and children also have lots to do, including the the Kiddies Kadooment. At the end of the festival, the grand finale is the Grand Kadooment, which consists of a huge parade complete with bands and incredible costumes. 

All in all, it’s a great time to go on Caribbean honeymoons in Barbados. Visitors will find a fantastic party atmosphere and plenty of interesting things to see and do that are not available during the rest of the year. Of course, couples will also be able to escape the crowds and find their own piece of paradise on a tropical beach as they would be able to at any other time of the year, but for those who want to experience the best atmosphere, the Crop Over Festival is a great opportunity to see the very best of Barbados.

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