Andre Gilli, a Swiss innovator has created the world’s first flexible wall mounted wardrobe called Wardywall. It is a new wall wardrobe with amazing functionality in a pretty awesome design for everyone. The application of this amazing wardrobe will be spectacular due to its innovative design and compact configuration. Andre has decided to seek public support to bring this amazing creation forward for manufacturing as well as supplying to homes and offices around the world. Wardywall is therefore crowdfunding itself on Kickstarter and the goal of this amazing project is to raise CHF 50,000 that is equivalent of $50,000. The project will continue to reach this goal by Sunday April, 30th 2017 and everyone is welcome to support this marvelous invention from Central Switzerland.

From homes to offices and even caravans and buses, Wardywall can be used anywhere. The simple yet startling design of this wall mounted wardrobe makes it effective and convenient for everyone. The product line will start as soon as the fundraising is finished and more projects will follow once Wardywall is successful. The highly functional design of Wardywall makes it easy for the user to hang clothes, jackets, coats or pretty much anything that can be hung on a hanger.

All funds raised through this project will be used to manufacture Wardywall for mass production and shipping. Once the goal is achieved, not only will it be available in stores all over Europe and eventually worldwide but it will also be available online. Generous contributors can find out more about this remarkable creation of the 21st century and make their contribution by clicking the following link on Kickstarter

About This Project:

Wardywall is a wall mounted wardrobe that is flexible, practical and compact. It can be used anywhere and is a new way of storing clothes in style. The designers have redefining wardrobe management with this amazing creation and they are now seeking public support to back this project on Kickstarter.

Contact Person: Andre Gilli
Company: Gillidesign
Address: Arth, Switzerland
Phone: ++41 79 742 19 30
Email: [email protected]