While many traditionalists will always tell the bride to go for a white dress, one of the trends that is creeping its way into the national psyche is the use of warm colours in weddings, and not just for the wedding dresses. In Richmond, brides and bridal parties are in luck with Tatiana Porembova’s wedding dress shop located in the vicinity. The bespoke and custom wedding dress shop can help brides plan all the clothing and accessory details for their big day. 

When it comes to warm colours, the traditional way to utilise them is in the bridesmaid dresses not the wedding dresses. In Richmond’s most well-respected wedding dress boutique, brides can see an array of warm apricots, yellows and reds that will help create a warm glow in their wedding. 

Remember that sometimes colours that don’t necessarily seem to go together may actually be the best combination when it comes to adding a bit of warmth and pop to the dresses. A lighter shade of red for the bridesmaids’ dresses accentuated with olive coloured accessories is unexpectedly gorgeous. The bride, of course, can also go for a statement colour. 

Choosing a coloured wedding dress is a bold move and one that should be taken with the expert guidance of dress makers. If a coloured wedding dress is exactly what is desired, then choosing the best colour for matching skin tone and hair is paramount. But, if the idea of a solid pink wedding dress is a bit much, consider using the colour as a feature of a more simplistic, white design. This can be in the form of a coloured trim, an under layer of crinoline, or even panel in the front or back for a pop colour. 

When it comes to getting the perfect dress for the big day, brides who are looking for wedding dresses in Richmond should head over to the experts at Tatiana Porembova for all their custom and bespoke dress needs. 

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Tatiana Porembova is a designer of wedding dresses in Richmond, London who has been creating bespoke and custom designs for over ten years. Learn more about the designer and her work by visiting the website at http://www.tatianaporembova.co.uk/ . 

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