Washmatic India Offer Complete Range of Washing Solutions

New Delhi, India; 15, March 2016: With a variety of dishwashers and crate washers, Washmatic India intends to meet the bulk washing needs in different sectors, such as hotels, restaurants, food and beverage manufacturers, food processing companies and others. They have different models of dishwashers that work at different speeds to quickly wash a number of dishes at a commercial or industrial setup. Besides, the company also manufactures accessories and repair parts that may require for proper working of the dishwashers from time to time.

According to the company spokesperson, they have an excellent Industrial Dishwasher range that offers a deep cleaning and helps maintain a desired level of hygiene. They use die pressed stainless steel in the wash tank, eliminating the need of any welded joint and there is no chance of contamination. With round corners, it helps in the easy cleaning and comes with an easily removable basket support, filters etc. The dishwashers process the cleaning task with a unique mechanism, preventing contaminants from going back to the piping network.

The company supplies the Commercial Dishwasher that comes fitted with indigenously designed parts that offer perfect cleaning results. The high quality components of the dishwasher function properly in the Indian conditions, providing perfect results. The machine automatically adjusts to the working conditions with correct temperature adjustments, and workers need not to think about setting up the temperature or other parameters. With high temperature wash and rinse, it offers a spotless cleaning to each dish of commercial ware.

Washmatic India also specializes in supplying the perfect Dishwasher for Hotel that comes with multiple wash programs. This helps in saving time and water in washing dishes and also minimizes the use of chemical in washing, while maintaining an excellent cleanliness, shine and hygiene of the utensils. Equipped with an excellent filtration system, it prevents small particles from going to the wash pump and eliminates the need of maintenance. The company spokesperson reveals that their washing machines feature the solid state control that improves reliability and flexibility of machines.

To learn more about their dishwashers and their features, one can visit the website http://www.washmaticindia.com.

About Washmatic India:

Washmatic India is focused on providing end to end ware washing solutions to all establishments which serve food and beverages. The company manufactures dishwashers, accessories and crate washers which are marketed through their countrywide sales network consisting of a number of offices and distributors. The Group of Companies is also engaged in providing solutions to hospitality segment in the area of food & beverage production as well as service.

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