Top neurosurgeon BLK Hospital Delhi is the use of a new approach to visualize the brain’s delicate anatomy prior to surgical procedure. The radical technique lets in neurosurgeons to see the brain’s nerve connections therefore maintaining and protecting crucial capabilities which include vision, speech and reminiscence. No needles, dyes or chemical substances are had to create the radiology experiment. The top imaging ingredient? Water

“The mind can be mapped by monitoring the motion of its water molecules,” said Dr. Anil Kansal Neurosurgeon BLK Delhi. “Water molecules in brain nerves circulate in an oriented manner. But, outside the nerves, the molecules pass randomly. Top neurosurgeon BLK Hospital Delhi can use those wonderful properties to discover crucial connections and to guide wherein surgery should occur or not.”

The approach, known as tractography or diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), has been used for investigational and diagnostic functions to better understand the impact of stroke and neurological diseases, which include Alzheimer’s.  Dr. Anil Kansal Neurosurgeon BLK Delhi is among the first within the country to use this technology to guide brain tumor surgical procedure.

“Every centimeter of brain tissue carries millions of neural connections so each millimeter counts,” stated top neurosurgeon BLK Hospital Delhi.  “When you are told that you may lose your vision, you get scared,” stated Dr. Anil Kensal’s patient from UK. “But whilst I shared the tractography pictures with top neurosurgeon BLK Hospital Delhi and he showed me how he was going to avoid injury to the relationship between my eye and the occipital lobe, I was reassured.”

A UK patient underwent a complete excision of the brain tumor without any damage to his vision. “Once I wakened from surgery, I asked for my glasses immediately and started talking structures stocks. I was able see the clock. I was able to read the words on a signal. It was at once evident that there had been no issues,” stated the patient.

Tractography scans are shade coded and show tiny neural connections. Other cutting-edge imaging techniques consisting of computed tomography (CT) and conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can't reap this form of visual display.

“There is no way of predicting where those fibers would lie except with tractography,” said top neurosurgeon BLK Hospital Delhi. “By observing the flow of water molecules, we can visually reconstruct the complicated symphony of brain connections. The ensuing images are not only accurate but breathtakingly beautiful, giving us a glimpse into the brilliant human mystery brain.”

Dr. Anil Kansal Neurosurgeon BLK Delhi delivered that this radiology utility is new and our teams are gaining knowledge of how well to use the technology. Top neurosurgeon BLK Hospital Delhi is actively investigating way to optimize the use of tractography information through collaboration with world famed specialists.


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