Whether it’s because of a break-in or a malfunction, a garage door that isn’t well maintained can be costly in the future.

ZIP Garage Door Services advises Medford residents to test their garage door and make sure that it’s working smoothly. If not, the garage door installation and repair company provides 24-hour service in Medford and surrounding areas.

Garage door maintenance is crucial when it comes to home safety. For homes with an attached garage, the overhead garage door is a primary point of entry. Garage doors can be an easy target for thieves.

If you plan to resell your home, you want to make sure your garage doors function properly. Otherwise it can affect how much potential buyers are willing to pay, especially if they are going to have to put money into having the garage door repaired or replaced.

An improperly maintained garage door can fail and fall when least expected, putting your vehicle and family at risk. Parts can wear out with time and hamper your garage door’s ability to operate, sometimes at the worst moments like when you’re in a hurry or late at night.

Common garage door problems include broken springs. While they usually have a time span between seven and 10 years, they can wear out quicker in cold-weather climates like what Oregon has.

Garage door mechanisms include high-tension parts that can cause serious injury if not handled properly. Unless homeowners have experience working with garage doors, repairs are best left to professionals.

ZIP Garage Door Services provides around-the-clock service in Medford and surrounding areas including Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point, Grants Pass, Phoenix and Talent. Services include door installation and repair as well as repair and replacement of garage door openers and accessories.

ZIP’s phone representatives are ready to talk to homeowners and business owners and determine what kind of service they need. They can give accurate estimates over the phone for free or in person for a small fee.

The company’s garage door inspection service is available 24 hours a day. Inspections are performed by trained professionals. Zip Garage Door Services vans carry the latest equipment and technicians use brand name parts and tools.

The company also replaces and repairs springs and garage door openers and 24-hour assistance for anyone who needs to unlock a garage door. ZIP Garage Door Services is a mobile service only and can be at a location within 20 minutes or less.

For more information about ZIP Garage Door Services, visit http://zipgaragedoors.com/locations/medford-or/ or call 541-203-4604.

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