With their new online video interviewing platform, WeValueWork.com revolutionizes the job interview process for employers and potential job candidates.

San Jose, CA - January 23, 2017: WeValueWork.com is pleased to introduce an online video interviewing platform that slashes recruiting costs for employers. The WeValueWork platform is easy to use, available online and is expected to transform the recruiting and talent acquisition process.

According to a recent study, only 26% of employers use recruitment-related software during their hiring process. WeValueWork.com hopes to change these statistics by encouraging more recruiters to use the technology that is now available to them.

In addition to reducing recruiting costs, the automatic video interviewing process makes it possible for employers to use a standardized approach so that they can evaluate candidates in a timely matter in preparation for the next stage of the selection process.

“We are pushing the boundaries of technology.” explained a company representative. “With our online video interviewing platform, employers can select their own interview questions and desired answer time intervals. Candidates can not take the interview more than once and are not allowed to answer the same question twice, making the interview feel more authentic.”

One of the unique advantages of the WeValueWork platform is the fact that employers do not have to complete an entire interview. If they decide that the candidate is not an appropriate match during the interview, the recruiter can simply move on to the next person.

The online video interviewing platform is beneficial for employers and job seekers alike, as it creates a shorter, more convenient and less stressful interview process.

To find out more information, visit the WeValueWork website directly at wevaluework.com.

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