The photos you take on Instagram are not just about you. For instance, the glamour shot of a few cherished moments with friends and gratuitous photograph of your medals do reveal a lot of things about you, but these pictures also say a lot about the city you live in. 

Recently in 'Phototrails’ i.e. a collaborative research project between University of Pittsburgh, the California Institute for Telecommunication and Information and the Graduate Center at City University of New York, is using the patterns found in Instagram photos to create gorgeous “visual signatures” of cities around the world. Lev Manovich, a professor of Computer Science at the Graduate Center said that, “Our approach is to use big visual data to see what they can tell us about cultural and social patterns around the world.” 

Buying instagram followers is easy now with the help of at a low price. Manovich, along with NadavHochman, a doctoral candidate in University of Pittsburgh and Jay Chow, a researcher in Manovich’s lab sorted more than 2 million Instagram images from 13 countries around the world in hopes of discovering these visual signatures, the cultural patterns and the trends that tell the story of a particular city. Photorails compares visual characteristics of Instagram photos like the hue, brightness, orientation etc. This data is then organized using the software which Manovich developed. Hochman said that, ““When you plot the data on a map and you actually see these patterns in two different places in exactly the same time, you can start asking new questions about this data.” 

Thus, photrails is the first academic studies of Instagram images and is expansive.