What is the meaning of Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot?

18, April 2016: We are in a changeable situation where everything is changing all the time. Several years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was still in its infancy and in the phase of concept. Now, we can even experience it personally. A host of technology companies have swarmed into the Airwheel fields, aiming to take a lead. The past 2015 has witnessed the fast development of AI and such trend will continue to the future. Airwheel decided to take advantage of the occasion. With years of technological accumulation, Airwheel is ready to launch its first intelligent wheeled mobile robot S9.


From the technologies adopted in Airwheel S9 two wheel balancing robot, Airwheel S9 is worth attention. Collaboration of IoT and Cloud technology ensures the robot to follow users’ orders even under remote control. Comprehensive locating system and route planning system in Airwheel S9 can avoid obstacle automatically. What’s more, the internal laser radar and auditory collecting system enable the interaction between human and computers. Airwheel S9 will enable more usage scenarios to serve people’s life, including personal companion, house service and Smart Home, etc. in the near future’s promotion of plugins and software.

“Technology should serve the common people but not only the noble, Airwheel considers that products require fun, wisdom and efficiency”, said Mr Zuo, CEO of Airwheel. With more capital investment, project cooperation and efficient production in the future, Airwheel aims to engage in a wider-range R&D collaboration to improve citizens' lives better.


As Airwheel S9 was unveiled in CeBIT 2016, held in Germany, many European customers had experienced it and thought highly of it. Thanks to the coming of HK Electronics Fair and Canton Fair in April, fans and visitors will gain the opportunity to experience the wonderful products, including Airwheel S9 intelligent robot on the spot.

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