Do you own an online business or website with stable traffic and revenue, but have grown tired of maintaining it, don’t know how to take it to the next level, or you could simply use some extra cash?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might want to consider selling your website.

Whether you’ve built your online business or blog up for years, or you just created a quick and easy automated website, the time will no doubt come when you decide it is time to sell your website.

How must is your website worth?

The answer to this question is extremely simple. A website like a business is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Simple answer really. Website flipping, as it is affectionately termed, is a quickly growing industry that allows owners of websites and web businesses to easily liquidate their online assets for profit.

How to sell your website?

Preparing a website for sale is a key step in the process of selling a website. The reason being that when it comes time to list a website for sale, the more information the Seller provide the more confidence buyer will have in the listing.

A few very important data to be collected are the following:

- Gather 12 Months of Traffic Data
- Keep Accurate Revenue and Expense Records
- Determine a Value for the Site
- Select a Place where to sell it
- Get Offers
- Provide the Post Closing Support and Assistance

Where to sell your website?

There are a lot of of online places where someone can find and sell a website. There are many classical marketplaces like EBay’s Business/Websites, some forum like SitePoint and business / website brokers like BizBroker24. BizBroker24 , Acknowledged as Mergers and Acquisitions Global Leader, Offering Services for Selling Internet Businesses. BizBroker24 offers a large selection of established websites for sale . In order to know how much money a website is worth, it is highly suggested to contact BizBroker24 to get a free personalized valuation or acquisition proposal.

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