A liver transplant is a medical procedure performed to supplant an unhealthy liver with a healthy liver from another individual. The liver can come from a deceased organ donor or from a living donor. Family or those who are unrelated make a good match and may be capable to donate a portion of their liver. This sort of transplant is referred to as a living transplant. Those who donate a portion of their liver can live healthy lives with the remaining liver. An entire liver can be transplanted, or just a section. Because the liver is the effective organ within the body that is capable of regenerating, a transplanted part of a liver can rebuild to its average ability within weeks.

Liver transplant surgery- three words that can wreak havoc on any life at any moment, Dr. Ravi Mohanka best liver transplant surgeon in India is dedicated to offering the very best medical care to patients and providing excellent clinical outcomes. He is a leading-edge liver transplant expert who is passionate about offering all possible treatment options and enhancing the quality of life for sufferers with end-stage liver disease. Dr. Ravi Mohanka best liver transplant surgeon in India has performed more than 2,000 liver transplants to date and his patients spend less time on the waitlist than the national average. Dr. Ravi Mohanka best liver transplant surgeon in India sees sufferers with a number of liver conditions. Although lots of those conditions can probably result in a liver transplant, he does everything he can to treat the underlying liver condition without a transplant.

Dr. Ravi Mohanka Best liver Transplant Surgeon in India

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