Date:- September 26, 2019 Location:- New Delhi Severe coronary artery disease is such a critical health condition that can be cured only through heart transplant surgery. A successful heart transplant surgery can add years to the patient’s life. A heart transplant is a solution to end-stage heart failure, which allows the patient to improve the quality of life by reducing medication dependency. Therefore, Cardiac or heart transplant is such a necessary procedure, and it is always good to choose the best cardiac surgeon and hospitals with cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure for the best possible surgical facilities and high success rate. 

To conduct a heart transplant surgery, a healthy donor’s heart is required, and then the surgeons perform an evaluation of donor’s heart and approve it to fit for transplantation in the recipient’s body. Simultaneously, the recipient is also screened with all the necessary diagnostic tests and is kept on immunosuppressive drugs to reduce the risk of rejection of the heart. If everything goes right, a heart transplant procedure is then performed on the patient. This transplantation surgery requires about 4 to 6 hours and is done under general anesthesia.

In the last few years, India has become a medical hub offering exclusive heart treatment to patients around the world. One the main reason behind this is the affordable cost of heart transplant in India; it is very much low compared to other developed countries. India also has a large number of top hospitals equipped with best in class facilities, infrastructure, and the cutting-edge technologies to provide excellent heart treatment and transplant facilities to their patient. Most of the cardiological hospitals of this country are offering affordable heart transplant surgery in India without compromising the treatment quality. Here every patient is treated with equal care and efficiency.

About India Cardiac Surgery Site: India Cardiac Surgery Site is an organization bridging the gap between the top-class heart-related treatment and surgery and overseas patients. The organization has a well-connected support system comprised of efficient and experienced cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, health experts, and world-class hospital facilities of India. Their cardiac surgeons and cardiologists are on top of the research in cardiology and surgeries. All of their hospitals are equipped with the advanced examination and surgical apparatus that can help in accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care of the patient during their operations in India. They are focused on providing high-quality Heart Transplant Surgery to their patients with maximum comfort and satisfaction when they are dealing with India Cardiac Surgery Site for heart surgery in India.

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