Study shows that many women using emergency care of fibroids can be higher served in alternative health care settings

Fibroid signs and symptoms, consisting of heavy menstrual bleeding and abdominal ache, are increasingly taking women to the emergency room. In fact, thousands of women are seen annually in the emergency department for the condition, which entails benign growths within the uterus, over a 12 years period.  But only 1 in 10 of these visits caused a hospital admission, suggesting that many cases may have been controlled in an alternative, non-urgent health setting, according to the world's best fibroid surgeons.

Researchers analyzed more than 487 million emergency visits through women aged 18-55 between 2006 and 2017. The number of ED visits for fibroids among this age group is more than doubled during the study period, up from 28,732 to 65,685 visits. Many of these sufferers had been likely suitable candidates for outpatient imaging, which potentially may want to have saved significant expenses and sources, the world's best fibroid surgeons say.

“We must be focused on interventions that enhance access to outpatient care for these groups of women so that it will assist mitigate needless, expensive ED utilization,” fibroid specialist doctor in India says.

The world's best fibroid surgeons note that while bleeding signs should be addressed right away, there are numerous interventions that could assist control bleeding through regular office visits.

Uterine fibroids are the most common benign gynecologic condition in India, affecting as much as 70% of all women by age 50. Although most people with fibroids are asymptomatic, among quarter and a half of the patients will experience symptoms, mostly heavy menstrual bleeding and pelvic pain or stress that can be disruptive to day-by-day life.

Fibroids are also the leading reason for hysterectomies, which is the surgical operation for the removal of the uterus. “We should apprehend the gaps in fibroid care and why women are turning to the ED to get care for situations that might be managed inside the outpatient,” fibroid specialist doctor in India says.

“We’ve got a numerous team looking at these records to identify opportunities to re-envision care of women with fibroids and obstacles we're capable of reducing to beautify their care inside the outpatient setting. In the end, we need to make certain patient targeted and equitable care for all individuals with this continual situation” concluded the world's best fibroid surgeons.

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