Usually, there are three types of accommodations namely, villas, houses and apartments. Villas and houses are independent buildings whereas the apartments are small residential units in some big multi-storey building. Dubai is one of the most popular places in the world and people living in this part of the world enjoy a lavish style of living. The majority of people living in Dubai doing jobs or on short visit, prefer to live in apartments, but that does not mean that villas are not in demand. Most natives of Dubai are rich individuals and people running some good business also afford to live in the villas in Dubai. There could be a number of reasons for preferring villas over apartments which may include the reasons such as they are more spacious, better suitable for families so that everyone has his/her own room, extra rooms for entertainment, lounge, study and guest rooms. If you want to have a permanent residential place and you can afford, the villas are no doubt the best choice to go with. Many projects in Dubai include construction of villas with unique architecture, design and ultra high level of luxury.


One such exclusive project is developed by Emaar Properties PJSC Dubai and named as Emaar Arabian Ranches. The project features the magnificent Arabian Ranches villa, golf club, polo culb, equestrian center, village community center and a school. This world class project is located near the junction of ring roads leading to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Villas in Arabian Ranches are available in different sizes, room capacity and provision. You may be able to find a 3-bed room or even 7-bed room villas in Arabian Ranches. Depending upon type of area of construction, the project has been divided into different divisions. Emaar Mirador reflected Spanish style of architecture including 4 to 7 bedroom villas. Emaar Palmera is Spanish style double-storey building comprising 2 to 3 bedrooms. Saheel are luxurious 3 to 5 bedroom villas. Emaar Savannah in villas in jumeirah comprises 3 to 5 bedrooms. Emaar Alma Townhomes are located in center of Arabian Ranches and mostly consist of 3 bedroom houses, but may have additional room. The list goes on and about and 10 types of residential communities have been developed in Arabian Ranches. The common features of these villas include modern kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and huge car porch.


Another distinguished but similar project is Springs Dubai. It is basically a community project consisting of elite Dubai Villas For Rent and it offers a great choice of spacious and high-tech residential units at a competitive market price. Location of Springs Dubai is surrounded by waterways and aesthetic gardens. Luxury Villa in Dubai are residential buildings with three, four and five bedrooms and area ranging between 1772 to 3030 square feet. These villas feature car porch for two cars, private gardens, and balconies giving beautiful view of landscapes. The residents are also provided with facilities of swimming pool, parks, nurseries, spas, gyms and community center. These villas are furnished with the latest appliances and modern architecture.