Winter-Proofing Measures Could Reduce Need For Well Pump Replacement

According to an article recently published in an American news portal, specialists consider that undertaking a few basic 'winter-proofing’ measures around the house could eliminate the need for well pump replacement many homeowners feel in cold weather. 

Specialists interviewed considered that if more people took care to 'winterise’ their water distribution systems, they might stave off some of the most common problems plumbers have to deal with every winter. 

Among the precautions recommended by the plumbing specialists on record are, for example, the disconnection of all garden-hosing systems, along with the sealing of any exposed piping (such as can be found underneath sinks, for example), and the insulation of any exterior wall hydrants or other open-air plumbing fixtures. 

In fact, to avoid the need for well pump replacement, all fixtures located in unheated spaces around the house should be insulated, these plumbers advise. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that the washing machine is kept within a heated division during colder weather, in order to protect its inner workings. In case a full insulation is not viable, potable antifreeze should be used to achieve the same principle. 

Other pieces of advice contained in the article include keeping piping-cabinet doors open and draining or turning off unused plumbing systems. In extremely cold weather, hot and cold spigots located outside may need to be left to drizzle, in order to prevent the pipes from freezing. 

For homeowners who, in spite of all these precautions, still experience frozen pipes or similar problems, the solution offered by these experts is to shut off the water supply, then warm the frozen sections using a hair dryer or heater. Precautions should be taken, however, to ensure an open flame is not used. After the pipe is heated, it should be thoroughly checked for leaks before regular usage is resumed. 

The article in question comes at the high point of a winter that has seen temperatures drop to the negatives in the United States, leading to plumbing problems such as those described above. 

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