18, March 2017: What do you think about travel? Travel shows us not only the world, but how we fit in it. A travel is not a trip. It's not a vacation. It’s a process. A Discovery. It's a process of self-discovery. From now, begin to write your travel story with Airwheel electric mobility scooter.

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Nowadays, many take the travel as their hobbies. A travel brings us face to face with ourselves and slows down our life pace. A travel shows us not only the world, but how we fit in it. Does the person create the travel or does the travel create the person? The travel is life itself. Since travel has so many advantages, why not have a travel with Airwheel mini electric scooter to begin your own story.


In the very first place, Airwheel takes safety in the first place. Through balancing chip double backup technique, even if one chip fails, the other balance chip system will immediately take over the work, to ensure its security. At the same time "beep" sirens prompts users timely maintenance. Each model has multiple protection systems, like the speed limit protection, low battery protection and tilting protection and so on. You can ride as long as you want without any worry. No matter where you intend to go, Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter will bring you there.

Additionally, Airwheel electric scooter enables you to enjoy the nature from another perspective. On account of the cooperation between the world well known tire company with such features as skid proof, strong grip effect, wide tire design, which is suitable for the whole road conditions and the branded battery with excellent performance, Airwheel electric scooter provides you an extraordinary experience.


The small size and light weight will bring no trouble to your travel, like the E3 electric folding bike. At the beginning of 2017, Airwheel rolled out its first drone with camera names F3 that letting you to record the beautiful senses from remote places. Equipped with GPS real time location tracking, F3 will be at your control easily. It is time for you to have an intimate experience with yourself is the goal of travel. With Airwheel mini electric scooter, you can begin your travel story.

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