TAVR therapy is a new therapy and it has been developed in the last 10 years. In Europe and United States, the number of valve replacements of the aortic valve of the heart has been done more without surgical approach. Dr Girinath M R best cardiac surgeon Apollo Hospital Chennai speaks about the emerging trends in TAVR therapy. Progress and trends in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Therapy (TAVR)

Yeah, this is a fairly new therapy and it has been developed in the last 10 years, more than 10 years now. This is known as TAVR therapy, which means Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement- which in general means that we are replacing one of the valves of the heart without doing any surgery.

This is a very interesting thing that has happened in last many years worldwide and the trends are like this that in Europe and United States, the number of valve replacements of the aortic valve of the heart, they have been done more without surgery approach, which is known as TAVR rather than the surgical approach. So, which means that the trend is changing and the same thing is happening in India, that now patients are being treated with TAVR treatment if they have a disease of the aortic valve, which is known as aortic stenosis.

The urgency now to ensure access for everyone who needs TAVR without sacrificing quality by spreading cases too thin (in an area where operator experience matters) was renewed , the transcatheter approach is a safe and effective alternative to surgery for patients with aortic stenosis who are at low surgical risk, Dr. M. R. Girinath cardiothoracic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Chennai with a prior work experience of 45 years offers latest TAVR treatment to international as well as domestic patients at affordable cost. Earlier patients were suffering from the problem but not getting any treatment and there was no options, which are now referred to Dr. M. R. Girinath cardiothoracic surgery specialist in Chennai.

Not everyone who needs heart surgery is eligible for TAVR. Some people with certain “anatomy problems” for whom threading the valve through the artery might be difficult but a majority will be eligible by Dr. Girinath. He says about three out of four patients with this disease, aortic stenosis, will be candidates for this, for patients, it’s important that they go to a surgeon that offers both options, and they have an experienced team that they meet with.”

“We are thrilled to offer the clinical benefits of the valve system for the treatment of their high-risk patients with severe aortic stenosis,” said best cardiac surgeon India Dr. M. R. Girinath. “This system provides physicians a high level of control over the delivery and deployment of the device and offers surgical-like PVL results to help ensure the best patient outcomes.”

But now this new option is widely offered by Dr. M. R. Girinath throughout India that can treat these patients without doing any surgery, which is low risk compared to surgery, it has less complications compared to surgery and that is why TAVR is now being used in patients, who have this problem and cannot undergo surgery. Basically, this disease happens in both young and elderly patients but, at the moment, those patients who are the age of above 60 years or 70 years or sometimes even 80 years, they are being taken for treatment by this therapy.

Cardiothoracic Surgery specialist in Chennai has already implanted about 75-80 patients, additionally the procedure takes much less time – only about 30 minutes – compared to four hours for open-heart surgery. And the recovery time is shorter, too as it’s performed under local anesthesia. This procedure is same as how surgeons insert stents in arteries. But it took two decades for surgeons to adapt the procedures instead of heart valve replacement. This quicker, less-invasive procedure is also less expensive. Dr. Girinath says he is committed to serving patients best interest regardless of loss of money performing this procedure.

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